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United Field Services, Inc. (UFSI) is a strong promoter of Safety in the Oil & Gas Industry. UFSI incorporates an extensive Safety Manuel that is periodically updated.


Safety meetings are conducted on the 1st Wednesday of every month. Topics range from Personnel Protective Equipment (P.P.E.’s) to hazards encountered in the field, to practicing defensive driving techniques.


Field personnel are trained annually on the hazards of Hydrogen Sulfide Gas (H2S). Each crew is equipped with a Gas Alert EXTREME by Honeywell. Field personnel working in areas of known high H2S content each carry a monitor.  


All UFSI personnel are trained annually in CPR and First Aid through the American Red Cross or equivalent.
Reporting is with ISNetworld, PEC Premier, Veriforce, involving OSHA logs, hours worked for various Oil & Gas Companies, submittal of insurance certificates, etc.


Here is the web address for the drug testing company DATA.

UFSI field personnel are operator qualified in the tasks of locating and marking pipelines.

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