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Engineering & Drafting

United Field Services offers full engineering services for most projects in oil & gas development.  

Professional drafting is the corner stone to the UFS network of professional services.  


Using state-of-the-art equipment coupled with a variety of CAD software, our clients are provided professional and timely deliverables meeting the highest of industry standards.


► Pipeline Projects & Associated Facilities

• Pipeline Project Planning and Scheduling
• Pipeline Routing
• Preliminary Geotechnical Investigations
• Land Slide and Slope Stability Mitigation
• Stream Erosion Mitigation
• Contractor Evaluation and Recommendation
• Progress Reporting
• As-Built Drawings and System Inspection Documentation

► Civil Engineering and Road Design

• Resource Road Design and Construction Management Necessary for APD Acquisition
• Water system modeling and design
• Minor structural engineering design


Some of the drawings we produce include:

►  Plan of Development Drawings
►  Alignment Sheets
►  As-Built Drawings
►  Grading Plans
►  Crossing Drawings
►  ROW Plats
►  Well Pad Layouts

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